Will Lavender & Chamomile in a candle help me to relax?

If we had a penny for every time we are asked that question – as Chandlers – we would have …. lots of pennies!

The simple and emphatic answer to this is an absolutely resounding ‘yes’!  …. yes it will help you relax,  yes it will help you combat feelings of stress & anxiety and yes the heady floral scents also smell fabulous! But don’t just take our word for it, lets delve back into the midst of time and take a look into the history behind these two elegant and prized scents.

Lavender was held in awe by the ancient Greeks & Romans and not just for its perfume but also its cleansing properties. The Romans are credited with naming it ‘Lavare’ meaning to wash and it was added to Roman baths to relieve fatigue & stiff joints …. something you don’t get taught in History lessons today! Throughout history, Lavender has enjoyed being top of the herb charts for other reasons too. Medieval Europeans professed it to be the herb of love ( ooh-eer !) with aphrodisiac properties, whilst in Queen Elizabeth’s Court it was added into potpourri or freshened sick rooms and strewn onto stone floors so when stepped on the aroma was released into the room …. a bit messy but you get the gist!

For centuries, Lavender was a remedy for many ailments and was prescribed by Physicians for a diverse number of emotional and psychological difficulties. These qualities still stand today and we use Lavender in our candles for all the same reasons as those learned men of old, who prescribed this miracle herb hundreds of years ago. The heady but sweet floral & herbaceous scent is said to strengthen the nervous system, clear thinking helping to release emotions and reduce stress & worry.  Its aroma balances and relaxes the worried mind which in turn promotes physical & mental well-being. This prized herb contributes to emotional equilibrium and is often used as a relaxing & calming scent before sleep. Perhaps now you can see why this all round magnificent and widely applauded herb has become a firm favourite for Evoqua in our Candle & Soap ranges.

But the winner of the ‘relaxing herb gold medal’ isn’t just being coveted by Lavender …. step up a fabulous contender to the throne…. Chamomile!

Chamomile is more of the silent herb in the pack ( not quite as shouty or heady as its counterpart Lavender ) in fact it is renowned for its soothing yet extremely subtle calming strength … it’s quiet, it’s strong but it’s gentle…. just like the best friend who doesn’t say much but listens intently and in one sentence gives you the best advice ever….that’s Chamomile!

Chamomile is perfect to balance, refresh and restore inner tranquillity and to calm the mind. She flexes her herbal muscles when called on to assist with anxiety and stress …. and what could be better than her being paired with the beautiful Lavender – all within one candle? Which is exactly what we have done! Our elegant blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, Chamomile & Bergamot has seen these two worshipped herbs infused with flowery & soothing Bergamot and balancing Clary Sage – it is our go-to relaxing, calming and balancing candle that smells like just like the perfect spa treatment. Imagine yourself, wrapped in luxurious warm towels, gentle music playing in the background, and this wonderful infusion filling the room…just perfect.

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