Creating a fragrance-infused wedding is a beautifully sensual and provocative way to remember your wedding day, evening and night!


We all have our favourite aromas that whisk us back to a memory of a loved-one’s perfume, a family Christmas tree laden with cinnamon sticks, or summer evening walks taken through herb gardens. As we grow older the link between scent and memory becomes even more important. Your romantic day could start with a fresh scent that uplifts you and your closest friends as you share this special time together. Putting on your outfit of choice and standing in front of the mirror smiling, is a memory that never leaves you. 

Whenever you relight that candle, you will evoke this fabulous memory and you will go back to that joyous moment…as you prepare to say ‘I do’! Walking into your wedding breakfast and seeing your tables beautifully laden with flowers, adorned with glorious tableware, and gracefully lit with Evoqua ‘Nude’ candles is a sight to behold. For this part of the day, you have chosen candles that are scent-free so they don’t detract from the delicious food and wine that will already be tantalising the senses of your guests!

The evening is a time to celebrate and enjoy the party! Your friends and family emotionally clap and cheer you as you start your first dance together, surrounded by candles giving a sensual, warming yet gentle fragrance. The apothecary glass offers a warm, rich glow that photographs perfectly as the sun fades and night falls on your special day.

Finally, as your day draws to a close, you are both exhilarated and exhausted as you turn in for the night. With a bottle of celebratory bubbles already chilling, and your sensual candle gently glowing, it is time for you both to kick-back, relax and start the rest of your lives together.

It would be a privilege to help you make your wedding a memorably scented day. 

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