A New Beginning…A New Website

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans …..” Allen Saunders.
How very true is this … the trouble is most of us don’t realise this in our usual normal everyday world – except in retrospect  – and by then life has already happened ! 
But how very different it is this world as exactly a year ago ” life ” happened for every single one of us as the world tilted on its axis, the shutters came down and normal everday life along with all its carefully conceived plans & journeys came to a shuddering halt. 
As the sisters behind Evoqua …. we too had so many plans and adventures planned for 2020 …. usually hatched over a bottle or two of red wine and nibbles ! The more wine consumed the bigger the plans !!
We were going to be taking part in larger shows and smaller local fairs we were going to be stocking our beautiful candles in more gorgeous little individual artisan shops and we were going to be criss crossing the Country doing it in the  Evoqua van together ….. a bit like “Thelma & Louise ” but without the driving off a cliff bit at the end …. hopefully !
Only we didn’t.  Everything stopped. Everything changed. The world fell silent. 
We knew by the 3rd lockdown it was going to be a while again before some sort of normality would be able to safely return ….  before we could physically get together to bake & create more candles  and do what we do best …. talk & giggle at shows face to face with our customers ( Andie lives in Ross & Janette in South Wales) …. so besides Whats app calls daily what could we achieve whilst we were apart during lockdown to grow Evoqua onwards & upwards ready for when our world opens its arms again and invites us in ?
Build and redevelop a brand new Evoqua website with new stunning professional images of our fabulous range and expansion of the Evoqua brand to incorporate Evoqua home … (more on that later ) … of course …. why not… lets do it !
So that’s exactly what we have been doing with some of the most professional and lovely people we have met … Alicia has provided the most stunning photographs and Zoe a fantastic elegant looking but user friendly new Evoqua website  reflecting how we now see our brand & which will be ready to launch just as soon as we get this blog finished ! We thank them for their patience on our Evoqua website journey !!
It is so exciting to see the building of the website layer upon layer slowly and surely becoming the website now we could have only dreamed of 18 months ago… it has grown beautifully & elegantly just like our brand.and the finished site is something we are all supremely proud of …. lots of eekks and oooohhhs as we look at each page …. we love it !
The look & layout of our new website might be different but our core values & ethics remain the same …. at the very heart of everything we do , everything we make & bake and every decision we take together.
Our ethos is to fill modern and traditional homes naturally & mindfully and that is why we use only natural & essential oils and  plant based wax natural & simply beautiful.
All  our candle ingredients , boxing & packaging we use are compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, repurposable and Vegan.
We were raised to respect the environment and everything that entails… we truly care and our  Evoqua brand truly reflects our values without compromise. 
With all our popular and favourite signature scents in 3 different candle sizes proudly on the website….. we have also been taking time to test more fragrances to add to our family !
This proved a bit of a challenge as we had to discuss the possible new fragrances over the phone and usually we both have different favourites ( although we know you shouldn’t!!)….. but miracles do happen and we agreed immediately which new & gorgeous scents we are going to showcase over the Summer …. watch this space !
Evoqua home was a natural progression and we are so proud to incorporate artisans with our same values & their stunning individual pieces onto our website. We will be adding more of these talented artists over time to Evoqua home to compliment your home & your space perfectly.
We adore the simply elegant values of Julie & her Wild Sage & Co team with her beautiful soaps on Evoqua home which compliment the heart & soul of the values of Evoqua…. handmade natural & vegan …. just perfect take a peek!
Gorgeous Display domes with natural bamboo bases ( fabulous to showcase your Evoqua candle )…  wick trimmers , eco friendly soap dishes are all on Evoqua home and much more to come to this stunning range from seriously talented artists.
We are immensely proud ( we have done a little dance !) of the new website please have a look around read more about us & our brand and enjoy. 
We truly hope you love it as much as us ….. we are now ready for when our world reopens ! X

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