The Art & Science

The Art

It is the link between memory & scent. It is the emotion felt when fragrances collide & ignite our senses. It is the intoxicating stimulation we feel when we are taken back to the place or to the person who inspired the original memory. It is the story that cradles each scent as they gracefully and harmoniously infuse the home. It is about evoking and creating memories.

Evoqua is also about candle styling. The outward elegance of the product is important as it adorns the home and workplace. We believe a beautiful candle should be displayed in a creative way so that it becomes a piece of craft as well a beautiful scent.

The Science

Evoqua Candles are researched, designed & hand-poured at our studio in Herefordshire. We have chosen to use only Essential & Natural oils and botanical wax, which means we don’t use any synthetics, stabilisers nor paraffin [which means less sooting].  Being environmentally conscious sits at the heart of what we do, and as such, our candles, packaging & labelling are recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, ‘repurposable’ & vegan.

Evoqua is about candle education. We will share tips & ideas on how to care for your candle so that you can get the most out of your scent, your wax and your vessel – as we care that you get the best value from your purchase through Evoqua.