Rosemary Candle

Over many centuries, Rosemary has been the ambient scent in homes owned by the wealthy, in brides wreaths as a symbol of love and marriage, and worn as a garland by students to aide memory! Today, this essential oil has many beauty, emotional and medicinal purposes…and in a candle – a wonderfully fresh and herbal scent. Just perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.

We have been asked to bring back this single, essential oil scented candle as it has been loved by so many clients!



All our beautiful candles are made from only the following pure & simple ingredients:-

  • Natural & Essential Oils.
  • Plant based wax.
  • Pure cotton wicks.

They are proudly:-

  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Vegan.

Included with all our medium & large size Evoqua candles are:-

  • A beautiful timber lid with a golden oak finish.
  • A fully recyclable gift box.
  • A Care for your candle card.


Interesting Information

Burn Times

  • Large, Double Wick Candle has a burn time of approx 50 hours,
  • Medium, Single Wick Candle has a burn time of approx 35 hours.


  • Our large, double wick candle weighs approx 280g {Net},
  • Our medium, single wick candle weighs approx 180g {Net}.