Our Chandlery Process

Our Process

We are proud to say we research, design and hand pour every candle ourselves within our studio in Herefordshire. Our Essential & Natural oils have been professionally blended and when mixed with our chosen botanical wax (which is a rapeseed & soy blend), they create their own wonderful magic!

The beauty of hand pouring natural ingredients, means that they may cause slight surface marbling & imperfections. We love this and embrace it, as it is perfectly normal and part of their charm. We have chosen not to use synthetics nor stabilisers (like stearic acid) as we are happy in the knowledge that our scents are sustainable and consistent without them. We have invested in state of the equipment now that allows us to melt large volumes of wax – but we will still continue to hand pour ourselves. Exciting and fun times ahead!

We have also chosen to use a simple cotton wick, beautiful heavy glass vessels and timber lids. Our gift boxes are designed especially for Evoqua, and are completely recyclable.

The Cure

After the wax and oils have been blended and poured (at their optimum temperature) then the candles are left to stand for 24 hours – exactly where they are! After that, they are they then popped on to the shelf and left to cure for at least 14 days, which allows the real chemistry to take place! It’s then time to wick each candle, clean & lid each vessel – and label them. They are then all ready to be gift boxed as soon as an order is placed.