We are absolutely committed to ensuring that the choices we make for all of our ingredients, boxing, labelling and packaging have our environment at the heart of it. We also want each candle to be enjoyed by everyone – whatever your lifestyle choice is.

We are proud to say that everything we have selected [to the best of our knowledge and research] fits within these core values. Your candle has been made and will arrive in packaging that has been carefully researched to be fully recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or repurpose-able – and is vegan. This includes the candle itself, the gift box, all tape and glue used, labels, packaging box and protective filler!  

We have selected to use Eco Flo as our loose filler, as it is made from starch and is also 100% biodegradable. It is also odourless, dust free and is compostable!


We have also tested the use of seed paper as our thank-you cards and have changed our Candle care cards so they are now made from kraft card which uses considerably less ink, and is also recyclable. We now only use paper tape and tissue paper that is vegan.

Research and testing take time, but we are getting there and will continue to develop every step of our process to ensure we can continue to be as eco-conscious as possible.