Candle Care

The memory burn ...

One of the most consistent problems people have with candles is the ‘tunnelling of wax’, in other words, excess wax left on the vessel sides. This becomes stubborn wax to melt, causing you wasted burn time meaning you lose hours of enjoyment. So here is our tip!

The first burn is always the most important. We suggest that you keep your candle lit until the liquid wax has reached the sides of the vessel (for the Evoqua Medium candle, this is approx. 3 hours). When the full melt pool has been reached, then extinguish the flame. The second time you light the candle…repeat the process in full. As the wax has a ‘memory’, it learns where to return to – and therefore will return to the vessel sides when you light the candle again in the future. Wax has a ‘memory’! It ‘remembers’ where to return to – and will therefore return to the sides of the vessel when you re-light your candle again in the future. Each time you light the candle in the future, we suggest you allow the surface to reach the full molten wax stage – this should be quicker as it will know where to go to!

The Wick Trim ...

Caring for your candle helps increase its longevity, and one of the ways to do this is by trimming your wick.

If the wick ‘mushrooms’, then nip off the top [the very top where the round end looks like a mushroom] using Wick Trimmers or nail scissors. This should control the size of the flame ensuring it doesn’t burn too quickly or lean over to one side. Having a straight wick also helps to optimise the scent throw as it won’t be clogged with wax and oil.

Although tempting, please don’t burn your candle down to the bottom. Always leave some wax at the end, otherwise your vessel is likely to get too hot. We also recommend using a candle snuffer to extinguish your flame.